Meet the team!

Our behaviour coach Lucie clicker training chickens in FranceLucie's Story

I was born and raised in Lorraine, France and throughout my life I have cared for many pets including dogs, cats, horses, various rodents, birds and reptiles. It was always obvious that I would one day work with animals! When I was 16, I started volunteering for the association Valentin Hauy, a charity for the blind and visually impaired, where I met assistance-dog trainers. Their work fascinated me and I quickly started to plan a career in dog training.

I moved to Ireland in 2005 to work as an au-pair, and life taking its unexpected twists and turns I ended up staying and following a very different career path than my original plans... Until November 2013, when I went travelling around the world for a year. The highlights of my travels were our wonderful encounters with the countless dogs (pets and strays) from each country we visited. These rekindled my interest in animal care and welfare and I decided to start again from scratch and become a dog trainer when I returned to Ireland.

I have been volunteering, working and studying in the fields of animal welfare, training and behaviour since January 2015. I am now a certified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (OCN Level 4) and a certified Canine First Responder. I regularly attend seminars and workshops to further my education and improve my training and coaching skills through a better understanding of the science of learning.

working on group manners in doggie daycare I am a manager at the Happy Dog House dog day care where I look after and supervise large groups of dogs. In 2019 I decided to start Lucie’s Pooches to help dog owners develop a healthy and happy relationship with their pets using force and fear free methods. I strongly believe that welfare friendly methods are the most effective and enjoyable way to train any animal and I hope to spread this philosophy through my work.

Our mascot Wile E posing for her story picture

Wile E.'s Story

Wile E. joined our home in January 2018 when she was about 10 months old. She is the (very lively) mascot of Lucie's Pooches and takes her job very seriously! She really loves chicken and radishes and can spend hours turning a football into confetti. Her favourite hobbies include chewing, rolling in smelly stuff, digging, playing in water, watching ducks and collecting plastic bottles on walks.

How We Train

As a Canine Behaviour and Training Technician with AniEd, I abide by the CBTT Code of Practice in accordance with the following Mission Statement:

"Canine Behaviour & Training Technicians will practice to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. A qualified CBTT will provide services that nurture the human-canine relationship and promote professionalism, respect and knowledge within the canine training and behaviour industries."

Lucie's Pooches' training methods follow welfare friendly and science-based principles. We recognise that you AND your dog have emotions, skills and preferences and we aim to adapt our training sessions to suit you and your pet's needs. Our methodology places a strong emphasis on the science of learning, choice and welfare and involves including our dogs as our partners in training rather than the object thereof. Therefore, we do not use aversives when training and handling animals and have chosen to exclude any methods that may induce stress, fear or pain. 

We believe in:

dog-human bond picture The importance of building a trusting bond with our pets

promoting welfare Promoting welfare through providing for their needs and teaching  cooperative care

improving communication between dogs and humans Improving communication by learning to listen to our dogs and respecting their answers

training with kindness Training with kindness to improve you and your dog's skills

Professional Qualifications:

We have studied canine behaviour and training continuously since 2015 and are taking part in further courses to expand our knowledge of all the things DOG! OUr completed courses are:

  • anied ireland logoOCN level 4, Canine Behaviour and Training Technician with AniEd, 2017
  • mj first response logoCertified Canine First Responder, MJ First Aid, 2015 & 2018

Workshops & seminars:

We like to attend regular seminars and workshops run by dog training and behaviour experts. This is to make sure we are up to date with the science and the latest methods, but also to keep our skills  sharp so that we can offer you the best services! Here is our continued education resumé:

  • 2-Day Career as a Dog Trainer Seminar - IMDT, Feb. 2015
  • 6-months Dog Training Internship - WonderPaws, 2015
  • "What Makes Your Dog Tick?" - Ray Coppinger & APDT Ireland, June 2015
  • Introduction to Canine Behaviour, Online Course - Anied, July 2015
  • Aggression & Rehabilitation Workshop - IMDT, Aug. 2015
  • Perfect Puppy Foundations Workshop - IMDT Aug. 2015
  • Scentwork Workshop - IMDT, Nov. 2015
  • Husbandry Seminar & Workshop - Domesticated Manners, Aug. 2016
  • Handling & Husbandry Workshop - AniEd, Aug 2017
  • Canine Stress, Arousal, Calming & Self-Control - AniEd, Sept. 2017
  • Preparing the Sports Dog Seminar - John Bowe & AniEd, Feb. 2018
  • Play! Workshop - AniEd, July 2018
  • Scent & Sniffing Workshop - AniEd, July 2018
  • Introduction to Conformation Workshop - AniEd, Aug. 2018
  • Achieving Precision Workshop - AniEd, Dec. 2018
  • Adding a 2nd or 7th Dog to your Home Webinar - Michael Shikashio & FDSA, June 2019
  • Dynamic Impulse Control Online Workshop - FDSA, July 2019
  • Parkour Fun for All Online Workshop - FDSA, July 2019
  • Before Baby: Setting the Stage for a New Baby in the Family - FDSA Pet Professionals Program Workshops, Aug. 2018
  • Kid & K9s: The Dog Trainer's Role Online Course - AniEd, April 2020