Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Prices can be found here

Do you come to us, or do we come to you?

For 121 training and consultations, it is often preferable if I come to you. But we can meet at the Happy Dog House in Kimmage (D12) instead if it does not suit to have the consultation in your home.  Zoom behaviour consultations are also an option. Depending on what we will be working on, we may meet at an outdoor location, such as your local park.

For groups, all the classes take place at the Happy Dog House.

Which areas do you cover for home visits?

Dublin South: D6, D6w, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D22 and D24

Dublin North: D7 and D15

Kildare: Naas, Kill, Celbridge & Maynooth

When do you do home visits?

I will take 2 clients per day Tuesday to Friday. Times are flexible - the earliest booking is at 10am and the latest at 5:30pm.  I do groups on Saturdays and I am closed Sundays and Mondays.

How does it work?

Enquire here and I will contact you within 48h to discuss the next steps. Once we have agreed on a time and location, I will send you an email with all the details to complete your booking and prepare for your consult or your first class.

After your consult I will send you the notes from my visit so that you can practice with your dog. I will follow up a couple of weeks later to assess progress, adjust your training plan as per you and your dog's experiences, and answer any question you may have. In some cases we may do weekly updates and plan multiple visits.

How old does my dog need to be to get started?

The sooner the better! If you just got a puppy it is good to book the first puppy session straight away to get started asap with the urgent stuff like toilet training, night time routine, and what to do when puppy nips and bites. Same if you have just adopted an adolescent or adult dog. Get help and advice from the get-go to prevent mistakes, and start on the right foot (or paw!).

Who needs to be present?

Consults: you and whoever else cares for your dog - not everybody needs to be involved in the actual training, but other people living in the home may need to be aware of, and understand, how to apply management protocols appropriately when there is a safety concern. For the first consult I recommend that everyone living with the dog be present so that we can all discuss and agree on who will be involved in what.

Group classes: up to 2 humans can attend with each dog

Can children attend?

Consults: in most cases children are very welcome to participate. It is best that another adult be available to help with small children, and that they have an activity to keep them occupied during my visit as they will often find the first consultation a bit too long and boring! For aggression cases, it may be preferable if the children are not present as some parts of the discussion may upset them.

Group classes: children over the age of 10 can tag along and participate - but keep in mind only two humans (including the child) can attend groups 

Can all dogs attend group classes?

Training classes: not all dogs are suited for group classes. I will ask you a few questions about your dog's behaviour in relation to being in new places and being near other dogs and strangers before accepting them into a group. My advice will be based on the information you provide during registration.

Socialisation classes: these are suitable for most pups under the age of 5 months, however some may find being in a group overwhelming. In this case, I may ask you to leave the group so that your pup is not stuck in a situation they cannot cope with, and I will contact you after class to discuss socialisation options that may be better suited to your puppy.

Should I choose 121 training, group classes or a behaviour consultation?

Group classes have a set curriculum and set of skills that are taught, while 121 training sessions can be customised to suit your needs. 121s are a great way to help you get started with training, especially if there is a need for concentrated work on specific issues that cannot be worked on in a group. 121 training is also recommended for dogs who may struggle with all the distractions of a group class environment. Behaviour consultations are to address behaviours that are caused by emotions (such as fear, anxiety, and/or frustration), genetic predispositions, or neurological issues.

Choose dog training classes if:

  • your dog is comfortable around other dogs and strangers
  • you want to teach your dog basic training (walking on the lead, coming back when called, polite greetings, etc.)

Choose 121 dog training if:

  • you want to work on basic training but do not think your dog will be able to cope with the distractions of a group class
  • you want to stop your dog from chewing furniture
  • you want to stop your dog from digging up your garden
  • you want to stop your dog from being all over your guests
  • you want to work on toilet training
  • you want to work on crate training
  • you just adopted a dog

Choose a behaviour consultation if:

  • your dog growls and/or snaps at people or other dogs
  • your dog protects their food, toys, resting places or other things
  • your dog appears anxious
  • your dog is scared of specific things
  • your dog struggles with being home alone
  • your dog barks and/or lunges at things on walks
  • your dog chases other animals
  • your dog gets 'over-excited' and cannot settle
  • your dogs shows any behaviour that concerns you
How long are the home visits?

121 dog training lasts 60 to 90min. A behaviour consult usually lasts about 2h. Follow up sessions are about 1h each.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your classes or consultations via Revolut or bank transfer - details will be provided in your booking confirmation email. You are required to pay 48h in advance to secure your booking (...and to protect me from last minute cancellations. I love my job but this is a business after all!)

What is your cancellation policy?

Consults: I understand that there are many things that can come up in people's day to day lives. While truly sympathetic, when a client cancels without giving me enough notice, I cannot fill in their spot. In fairness to all my clients, my cancellation and reschedule policy is in place regardless of the reason for the cancellation/reschedule. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you are required to give me at least 24 hours’ notice. If you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice, or miss your booking, your consult will not be refunded. 

Group classes: For group classes you are required to give me 48 hours' notice before the first class of your course to cancel your spot and get a refund. I am not obliged to provide refund or replacement services for missed classes; once you have booked onto a course and attended at least one class there are no refunds available.

How long will it take to train my dog?

This will depend on many things! Change can happen relatively quickly when we are consistent and manage the environment well to keep the dog successful - however your dog's previous experiences, genetics, health, and learning history will also have a part to play. Generally, it will take some time (yes, I am being as vague as I can) and it definitely will not happen within a couple of days - we give human children lots and lots of years learning and practicing in school and then college before deciding their education is complete (and is it ever?); your dog will also need time and practice to complete their 'education'. A training program will also rely on your commitment for success - I will support you in every way that I can and will always be available to offer guidance as you work through your program.

What methods do you use?

I take a holistic approach to training - I will focus on your dog's comfort and wellness first. Should I suspect your dog is experiencing physical discomfort that is affecting their behaviour I will refer you to your vet to rule it out or get it treated before we get started with any training. We'll then look at setting your dog up for success by managing and preparing the environment accordingly, and making sure they are able and happy to engage - your relationship with your dog matters a lot! When all that is in place, we can start training! I will always prioritise positive reinforcement to teach dogs - All this applies to you too! Making sure you are comfortable and happy to proceed with your program is also part of my job!

I will never use intimidation or any form of punishment on your dog - there are enough unavoidable aversives in our day to day lives; having someone coming over to your house to scare your pooch into compliance? No one needs that. 

Do you take dogs for board and train?

No, I do not offer this service

Can you train my dog for personal protection?

No, I do not offer this service either

Can you train my dog to become an assistance dog?

I can help you teach your dog how to perform specific tasks that may be useful to you, but this will not qualify your dog as an assistance dog.

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