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Puppy Training

Designed for puppies under 5 months of age, our training bundle 'Everything Puppy!' will teach you everything you need to know to help your new puppy grow and develop into a healthy and happy member of your family.

The first session, 'Puppy Basics', lasts about 2 hours and covers all the essentials to survive puppyhood, we'll mostly chat and not ask too much of puppy who will likely sleep through most it... oh to be a puppy! This session can be booked on its own.

When you book the bundle, you get the 'Puppy Basics' session plus 3 one-hour visits to work on practical training such as walking on the lead, coming back when called, comfort with handling, teaching puppy to recover from excitement, and more!

Note: the 1st session of the bundle must be booked before your puppy is 16 weeks of age.

Puppy  Basics - €120

Everything Puppy! - €350 (Puppy Basics + 3 one-hour training sessions) 

Puppy socialisation classes - €20 per class (Saturdays at 3pm at the Happy Dog House in Kimmage - max 6 puppies - booking essential, no walk-ins!)

Dog Training

To teach your dog skills such as:

  • walking on the lead without pulling
  • coming back when called
  • engagement (choosing you over distractions)
  • what to do instead of jumping up and/or counter surfing
  • getting their walking gear on
  • comfort with handling
  • comfort with confinement (crate or area)
  • recovering from excitement
  • tricks and games

We can also help you with preparing for a new arrival and teaching your children how to interact with dogs (and when to leave them be)

Personal training: Just me and your dog! - I will spend 45min per session with your dog to work on the things you need help with. The last session, you will be present so that we can transfer the skills over to you.

Note: dog training sessions will not address behavioural issues such as excessive barking, fearfulness, reactivity, anxiety, aggression, noise sensitivity, separation distress or abnormal repetitive behaviours (such as light chasing). For these you will need to book a behaviour consultation .

First one-hour training session - €110

Additional sessions - €90

Personal training- €60  (transfer session €90)

Group Classes

Our course 'Everyday Skills for Perfect Pooches' is designed to provide your dog with all the necessary skills they need  to behave appropriately in our human world. It includes 5 one-hour classes, during which we will focus on strengthening your connection with your dog through engagement, and teaching essential life skills such as:

  • handling comfort
  • focus
  • patience and self-control
  • polite greetings
  • loose leash walking
  • recall
  • dealing with distractions

Group classes are not suitable for dogs who may feel in any way overwhelmed on lead in an indoor space in proximity to other dogs or strangers. If you think this may be your dog, we recommend that you start with a behaviour consultation.

Everyday Skills for Perfect Pooches - €175

Saturdays at 1pm at the Happy Dog House, Kimmage

Behaviour Consultations

We recommend booking a behaviour consultation for the following issues:

  • aggressive behaviour (toward other dogs and/or people)
  • fearful/anxious behaviour
  • 'reactive' behaviour
  • guarding behaviour
  • isolation and/or separation distress
  • noise sensitivity
  • excessive barking

Our behaviour programs help you understand your dog's behaviour and provides you with support and guidance throughout your and your dog's learning journey.

During the initial consultation I will collect information about your dog's behaviour to assess the root of the issue, provide you with recommendations to reduce incidents of your dog feeling overwhelmed and prevent the reoccurrence of the problem behaviour(s), and devise a behaviour modification plan to suit you and your dog's needs.

I also offer a Zoom option for the initial consultation as it often does not require me to be there in person.

Initial consultation: €150 in person / €100 zoom

Follow up sessions: €100 in person / €80 zoom

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