We are currently unable to provide group classes or 121 training services in-home or outdoors due to Level 5 restrictions .

We are offering Zoom consults for suitable cases, to find out more contact us on 0833260162 or

121 Dog Training & Group Classes

Our experienced and qualified dog trainer is based in Dublin 22. We cover South & South West Dublin for one to one in-home training and teach group classes in Dublin 12!

We offer training bundles for puppies and adolescent dogs or bespoke private training sessions to suit you and your dog's needs. Our puppy and teenagers classes are also a fun way for the whole family to get involved and will help you raise a confident and happy dog!

We can help with many training issues you might be experiencing. We have training plans for puppy foundations, potty training, teaching self-control & patience, alone training, and more. We also have solutions for jumping up, pulling on the leash, coming back when called, coping with exciting events, chewing and puppy nipping. We can help your new rescue dog settle into his new home, prepare your dog for baby, and lots more!

About Lucie's Pooches

Dog trainer Lucie and mascot Wile E the wolfdog

Hi there! My name is Lucie and I created Lucie's Pooches with the help of my furry assistant, Wile E. Coyote!

At Lucie's Pooches we believe in the use of evidence-based and welfare-friendly training methods and we aim to provide you with a trustworthy and professional service. Our goal is to help dog owners communicate effectively with their dogs so that they may live a happier and fuller life with their canine companions.

We view you and your dog as a unique team and base our private training sessions off of your individual needs and goals. Our years of experience coaching groups has also allowed us to design courses to cover everything you and your four-legged friend need to know to survive puppyhood and canine adolescence.

Every moment with your dog is a learning experience and we can teach you how to make the most of it!

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